• The world's fastest robot for stake out

    The world's fastest robot for stake out

    Simple to use
Key specifications

Key specifications

  • Weatherproof
  • Long-range remote controller
  • Reads data from USB stick
  • Works for eight hours on one battery
  • Integrates with our GNSS receiver
  • Tested with Topcon, Trimble and Leica
  • Automatically marks points and lines
  • Supports common data formats
  • Integrates with total station for height measurements

18 kg

excluding battery

7 km/h

max. speed

750 ml

max. can size

Fast and flexible with many usages

- Premark road centerlines

- Measure road height and slope

- Set out booths, stands and tents at festivals

- Set out solar cell (photovoltaic ) panel parks

TinySurveyor at Work

Larsens Landmåler Service

Larsens Landmåler Service

Sune Larsen, Land Surveyor, Horsens, Denmark

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Jakob Larsen, Chartered Land Surveyor, Vejle, Denmark

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Tim Seeber, Chartered Land Surveyor, Kolitzheim, Germany

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